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What Twenty 4 seven can do for your business?

Get New Customers

Twenty 4 seven guarantees new customers through exposure on our website and Facebook fanpage. This gives your business access to our fan-base and exposure to your brand amongst the right market. These customers are not just looking for the best deals in town but also something new. Twenty 4 seven makes sure that the subscribers get to your business and also keep coming back for more.

Get People To Talk About Your Plan

Twenty 4 seven not only offers the best deals but works as a company guide, directing people to some too-good-to-be-true deals. Your brand is featured on our website for a minimum of 24 hours and is extensively promoted on our Facebook page. The idea that the deal must be shared with as many people as possible gives your business a buzz that it has never experienced before. What's better than your business being the talk of the town?

Efficient Marketing

Twenty 4 seven generates new customers featuring your business at no out of pocket charges. We get money by taking a share from every deal we sell. Simply put,we are successful if you are successful,making it a win-win situation for both businesses.

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